Knicks vs Cavs - Dec 19, 2007
(King LeBron meets Dee Lee)

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sat in section 34 off the floor, aside from the
90-year old usher and everyone who gets off the stairs
getting in our vision, decent seats fer sure!

One of the most amazing plays I've ever seen, King James faked
a pass behind his back, put the ball between his legs, careened around
Zack Randolph, and stuffed the ball ferociously, eliciting major
murmurs and acknowledgements of greatness from the Garden crowd

Q and Z-Bo brace for pass

whoa, it's between the legs!

too late Z-Bo!

there's go the King!

under the basket...



thanks for the facial King J!

Nate IS Great!

Picking off an in-bounds pass, Nate flew to the hoop
for the stuff and kick! Nate needs to be in the starting lineup;
the little man is capable of 30 points a night, right.


It was awesome watching the Knicks City
Dancers gyrating to their patented
"Here's My Crotch, Now Dig It" dance!
4th Q, 20 Sec TO, and the
Knickerbocks are kicking tocks

not much Curry sauce in the Knicks mix, his usual
quick fouls allowed the MAN to make his presence felt...

Dee Lee Rules the Cuarenta Dos

Not since Van Halen's frontman did his "Jump" splits at MSG has
David Lee been the most talked-about New York phee-nom.
The man's diligence and perseverance stand out amongst
sluggish Knickerbocker play, making me wonder why this
star-in-the-making does not start? Another player capable of
20 and 10 every night, what team wouldn't start this guy?

Dee Lee goes strong to the hoop.. grrrreat!

all that's missing is the Superman cape!

Dee Lee hustles and bustles in traffic...

And emerges victorious!
Get back to Brazil, Anderson Vee!

King James & Dee Lee share a smirk...

yet King James emerges as loser in the end

Final score: Knick 108, Cavs 90