Kevin Durant is NOT Coming to the Knicks

Kevin Durant is NOT Coming to the Knicks.  Stop posting!

this is not an article on Kevin Durant coming to the Knicks.

because the Knicks are set at front court with Melo, Porzingis & Lopez starting.
some Knicks fans think Durant or Melo could move to shooting guard… WRONG!  totally out of position defensively for both players.

some Knicks fans think Purezingis could move to center position, with
Melo and Durant switching shooting and power forwards… WRONG!
KP would get destroyed by most starting centers, him and KD would
be like 2 grasshoppers going up for rebounds against wild animals.










Instead of Knicks tying up money with Kevin Durant, put that Dolan cash
towards a hi-quality intelligent passing and scoring point guard, or point/
shooting guard, or let’s just put all our eggs in the basket for RussWestbrook
or CP3 next season.

Can Coach Jeff coax his former player Eric Bledsoe to the Orange and Blue?
Will Zen Master Phil Jackson meld minds with Mike Conley?

Just stop posting these Kevin Durant articles on something Skippy heard
from a “source”.  Source this.



The Case For Derrick Williams


The case for Derrick Williams: how many players do the Knicks have that can drive to the hoop, slam down alley oops, and score 20+ points on any given night, if given the minutes? For $5M player option, he is worth the money.

With Knicks in the market for a quality PG, who will hopefully be a pass-first mentality, or a SG who can be consistent (sorry AAfflalo), along with the emergence of Jerian Grant, a healthy Tony Wroten, and the continued jelling of KP/Melo/Rolo, the Knicks have a need for this year’s players to be part of a core who play together for more than a year.

The best teams take time for players to know one another and learn “the system”. DWill should be considered part of this core; for the money he’s due, and the talent he brings, he’s a keeper.

DWill, like his hair, is as explosive as fireworks on any given night, given the minutes and confidence needed to succeed – boommm!

Granted, NYK do not own his rights, but DWill has option to stay with team for $5M, the deal Phil signed him with.   Here’s hoping DWill opts in for the opportunity to stick with the team that gave him the chance to show what he can do, something Sac Kings did not.

Playing in the Garden, living in NYC, being recognized and feted by Knicks fans, eating establishments, nightclubs, gorgeous women (uh, oh, sorry DWill, those girls weren’t even FROM New York)…. NYC is the place to be a star!

Every team needs a player of this caliber, who can explode on any given night, for less money than a lot of other lesser players are commanding.

Screen shot 2016-06-09 at 11.45.47 PM
Derrick Williams is at his best when h… when he what google? when he’s wrapped in a mop? what’s disturbing about this image search are the “related items” being gorillas and a sloth! what ru saying google?!!!

Jeremy Lin Free Agent = Linsanity 2?


Jeremy Lin #Linsanity 2 #JLin2NYK #KnicksOnCrack


Jeremy Lin to decline $2.2 million player option for 16-17 season with Hornets. Will become Unrestricted Free Agent.  #Linsanity2?

SOURCES SAY: Knicks consider Lin’s defense too sh*tty to go after,
and believe other teams will offer more for former Knick PG’s services.

Knicks may have sites set on Mike Conley, Rajon Rondo, Jeff Teague
and other hi-quality starting point guards who fit NYK team concept.

Phil Jackson may consider Lin’s high intelligence, Harvard degree,
high bball knowledge, and last season’s performance with Hornets.
as a possible penetrating PG the #NYKTEAM needs.

KNICKS FANS SAY: Lin wants too much money, isn’t worth it, because
he can’t play D.

#FaithInPhil to do the due dilly, and IF he were to offer Lin a contract,
would be reasonable offer with next season’s skyrocketing cap.

Jeff Hornecek could have some thought on the matter, Lin can fill the need
of a penetrating PG who can get it down the floor in 7 seconds or less,
hit the 3 pointer, and run the pick n roll with Porzingis.  imagine: Lin to Porzingis…  and think of all the vendors with leftover Linsanity memorabilia!

Jeremy Lin’s presence and a return to Linsanity at MSG would be an insanely positive boost the Knicks fan base needs, and a friendly cog
in the wheel for a rebuilding championship team.

#Linsanity2 !!!













Ali was the MLK of sports, the first sports superhero; spouting rhyme and rhythm, creating witticism and lyricism with every interview, press conference and fight.

may his spirit now be free to resume the fire that roared in a young athletic boxing, ballsy boisterous voice, and defiant confidence that opened the door for generations to follow.   RIP Rest In Power

the greatest was so damn great

Phil Jackson Surrounded by Great BBall Minds and Greatest Knicks of all Time

the manly, mythological, legendary WaltClydeFrazier, player & broadcaster supreme

Walt Clyde Frazier, one of the greatest players in NBA history and (in)disputably greatest Knick of all time, spends much of HIS time at MSG, broadcasting games via his inimitable stylized commentary and BBall knowledge.

Can he be persuaded to impart his knowledge of the game to the raw energy and athleticism of NYK point guards of the future, Tony Wroten and Jerian Grant, have them tone down their game and tone up their bball IQ?

Clyde was teammates with current Knicks prez Phil Jackson in their respective rookie seasons; roomed, traveled, played and won 2 championships together with their beloved Knicks.

Phil Jax bonnie-ing up to Clyde in rookie seasoning

Both men are winners and Zen Masters in their chosen professions; Clyde as player, broadcaster, writer, speaker, commercial endorser; Phil as player, coach, writer and president, the latter yet to be fully realized with a chip.

Clyde Frazier Rockin’ Steady, A Guide to Basketball & Cool

Will Phil acknowledge the knowledge of old friend Clyde, who has watched and commentated brilliantly with MSG since 1998? Clyde’s commentary is laced with opinions and knowledge of the game (“see the ball, see your man!“) and of the current crop of players whom Phil has assembled.

I would like to see Phil assemble the old time Knicks, many of whom come to games and sit with Phil (Bill Bradley) or work with MSG (Earl Monroe, Bernard King et al), to be coaching mentors to the current squad. If Phil wants to be a winner, why not have the greatest veterans who ever played the game, FOR the Knicks, AT the Garden of Dreams, BE mentors and commentators with the team, at workouts, at games.

the Greatest to wear the Orange and Blue

Allan Houston is working with Tony Wroten?  EXCELLENT!  let’s move forward in that direction and have sessions both on and off the court, on how to be the best they can be, and have a winning mentality.

Houston + Wroten = #NYKPG

I look forward to seeing new coach Hornacek, with his impeccable basketball career and tremendous bball acumen, talking to Clyde about the Suns’ offensive attack, and how it relates to current core of Knicks, including Melo, Porzingis, Lopez and #NYKPG Wroten & Grant.

Jeff’s got his Horny hands full!

“I am extremely excited and honored to be the next coach of such an historic franchise,” said Hornacek. “I look forward to working with Phil – a coach and teacher of the game I have admired for many years – and collaborating with him and our staff to take this team to the level that Knicks fans expect.”

Let’s hope Coach Hornacek and President Jackson collaborate with the basketball minds of the greatest Knicks of all time. I’m sure they would all appreciate the opportunity, as would Knicks fan appreciate the thought.

#FaithinPhil #ZenMaster #NYKChamps