Jeremy Lin Free Agent = Linsanity 2?


Jeremy Lin #Linsanity 2 #JLin2NYK #KnicksOnCrack


Jeremy Lin to decline $2.2 million player option for 16-17 season with Hornets. Will become Unrestricted Free Agent.  #Linsanity2?

SOURCES SAY: Knicks consider Lin’s defense too sh*tty to go after,
and believe other teams will offer more for former Knick PG’s services.

Knicks may have sites set on Mike Conley, Rajon Rondo, Jeff Teague
and other hi-quality starting point guards who fit NYK team concept.

Phil Jackson may consider Lin’s high intelligence, Harvard degree,
high bball knowledge, and last season’s performance with Hornets.
as a possible penetrating PG the #NYKTEAM needs.

KNICKS FANS SAY: Lin wants too much money, isn’t worth it, because
he can’t play D.

#FaithInPhil to do the due dilly, and IF he were to offer Lin a contract,
would be reasonable offer with next season’s skyrocketing cap.

Jeff Hornecek could have some thought on the matter, Lin can fill the need
of a penetrating PG who can get it down the floor in 7 seconds or less,
hit the 3 pointer, and run the pick n roll with Porzingis.  imagine: Lin to Porzingis…  and think of all the vendors with leftover Linsanity memorabilia!

Jeremy Lin’s presence and a return to Linsanity at MSG would be an insanely positive boost the Knicks fan base needs, and a friendly cog
in the wheel for a rebuilding championship team.

#Linsanity2 !!!












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