Kristaps and His Magic Asshat

There once was a tall boy named Kristaps
his big brother Janis which might rhyme with Anus
gave young Zingis a magical Asshat

New York welcomed young Asshat-wearing Kristaps
and big brother JAnus to the dysfunctional mishaps
of Melo & Noah & Willy & Philly,
and Jeffrey the coach who called Kristaps a pussy.

Fragile Kristaps hurt his kneecap and tore his ACL
the Knicks played like crap with Fiz at the helm

Magical Asshat-Porzingis sat out the season
and wore a blue tutu for no other reason
than teasin the fans he rewarded with treason

So off to TexAss went Asshat broZingis
betraying Orange and Blue hope, trust and dreams of millions
Stay woke NYC, the last of the Asshats have finally left the building

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