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Frank in Focus

thank you Leon Rose and Worldwide Wes, for keeping Frank Ntilikina and not trading him. He is one of the best defensive players the Knickerbockers ever had; a smart player, hi bball iq. Frank is an excellent shooter, as far as corner threes, and his sneaky aggression as a point guard, dishing and swishing to the hoop, and improved confidence leading to greater shooting percentages, are well within grasp of smart coaches recognizing and allowing Frank to unfold as an important cog in a conscientiously defensive playoff team. Frank is a valuable Thibs type player, please give him a season under the tutelage of Tom, Woody, the Payne and Johnny B, to watch his potential explode. #knicks #defense New York Knicks Frank Ntilikina

The Case for Smith Jr.

Knicks On Crack 71120

The Case For Smith Jr. – could a new head coach, staff, F.O. /Rose/WorldWideWesleyan influence refresh his mind and skillset, help return to the form promised as top draft selection/rookie? can a more mature Smith allow basketball knowledge to penetrate a selfish psyche, towards team concepts, defense, and be the best he can be, a thriving offensive talent on a young changing knicks under new management? Don’t count Smith out. whether he becomes a bargaining chip for a trade up, or a contributor to a winning Knicks squad, knicks fans should unite in hoping for a refreshed and reset Smith Jr; perhaps this historical moment of time of covid45 & BLM will give DSJ the clarity towards being his best, trying his hardest, in the best place on earth. #NYCMSG #Knicks

Frank Knickilina Don’t Care

Frankie Smokes Don’t Care What You Think

Frankie ? Knickilina don’t care what u think. Defensive superiority makes him a keeper on a playoff team. Do Leon and Wes recognize his talents and potential as ex-agents and Knicks execs? will Frank leaving CAA last year work against him so he becomes trade fodder for a vindictive front office? Knicks got plenty of time to evaluate, here’s hoping intelligence and bball knowledge go a long way, from the player to the new regime. Trust the brain trust.

Kristaps and His Magic Asshat

There once was a tall boy named Kristaps
his big brother Janis which might rhyme with Anus
gave young Zingis a magical Asshat

New York welcomed young Asshat-wearing Kristaps
and big brother JAnus to the dysfunctional mishaps
of Melo & Noah & Willy & Philly,
and Jeffrey the coach who called Kristaps a pussy.

Fragile Kristaps hurt his kneecap and tore his ACL
the Knicks played like crap with Fiz at the helm

Magical Asshat-Porzingis sat out the season
and wore a blue tutu for no other reason
than teasin the fans he rewarded with treason

So off to TexAss went Asshat broZingis
betraying Orange and Blue hope, trust and dreams of millions
Stay woke NYC, the last of the Asshats have finally left the building

Knicks Killer Beas & Burke: Bright Spots in Competitive Loss

3 Bright spots from Nugget loss: Beasley, Burke, Burgundy. Beasley has been a beastly boon to depleted NYK squad, when Timmy and KP have been out, he IS
a scoring machine.  Aside from garbage minute Doug & Dotson got, Beasley was only Knick to have a (+/-) +2 in 29 minutes in a 12 point loss!


I’ve gone “WOW!” so many times this season at the Beast’s athletic dominating exploits in the paint, its due time he’s recognized for his prowess. Especially with young buck Burke feeding him perfectly, half Trey’s dimes musta went to the Beast of Bud.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – JANUARY 19: Trey Burke #23 of the New York Knicks shoots the ball against the Utah Jazz on January 19, 2018 at vivint.SmartHome Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this Photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2018 NBAE (Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images)

Trey Burke is the true point guard Knicks have been lacking. Fast. Penetrating. Kicking out, Precision Passing, and a DAMN fine shot! Set this boy free, could he the next coming of Linsanity?  haha.  don’t doubt it.

lastly, props to Ron Burgundy, for his fortitude and hustle; in college he was a pure shooter, just like garbage time Dougie. those skills don’t go away. its up to Coach Horn to get them minutes and implement a game plan that best suits their shooting abilities.

I’m happy to see Knicks compete and lose, (tank you Jeffrey!) the offense is fine, thanks to the Knicks Killer Beas, B’s, Burke and Burgundy. Keepers.

New York Knicks PG Trey Burke brings a quicker, modern offensive element (Film Room)

Is Clyde the Perfect Mentor for Knicks Neophyte Ntilikina?

Could the Cute Croissant be the next Cool Clyde? fans would love to see Walt Frazier, THE greatist PG of all time, mentor defensive neophyte Frank Knickitina! maybe over ribs @ Clyde’s Wine&Dine?  I’ll pay!

Sure, Clyde’s busy announcing Knicks games, tending to his restaurant, and his home in St Croix.   Would the great Walt Frazier ever consider to contribute his time and wisdom as a defense first point guard, NBA champion, and 30 years of  game coverage?  Has the Knicks front office, or even Clyde’s rookie Knick roommate Phil Jackson, ever asked him?

With young Frank being the best defensive point guard the Knicks have had in years, maybe now’s the time to ask.  I’m sure Clyde and Frank would hit it off!